WITH SUN, La Couleur en Fugue, Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris, 2022, Photos (c) Charles Duprat Contact
  Bones Roots Fruits, Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, London, 2021 Photos (c) Eva Herzog  
  Green, I Want You Green, Salzburg Kunstverein, 2020 Photos (c) Achim Kukulies
  Fire On The Mountain, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, 2019 Photos (c) Achim Kukulies  
  EVERYWHERE BEEN THERE, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, 2019 Photos (c) Katja Illner  
  HUSH SKY MURMUR HOLE, MOCA Toronto, 2020  
  TEETH & LIGHTNING, SALTS, Basel, 2019  
  Back to wind. Back to breath, Palais de Tokyo, 2018  
  SUN DOWN MOON UP, Serpentine Park Nights, 2018  
  The Lament, INCURVA Residency, Sicily, 2018  
  Cuckoo Till I Come Back, DREI, Köln, 2018  
  MOMMA! MOMMA!, Tramway, Glasgow, 2017  
  Others got wings for flying, Tramway, Glasgow, 2017
Performed by Megan Rooney & Andrew Graham
Choreography by Andrew Graham, Sound by Paolo Thorsen-Negel
  SUN UP MOON DOWN, Freymond-Guth Fine Arts, Basel, 2017  
  Animals on the bed, Seventeen, London, 2016  
  F on your tongue, Commissioned by LUMA foundation for Project 1049, Gstaad
Performed by: Krisztina Abranyi, Anna-Marija Adomaityte, Virginia Ariu, Audrey Dionis, Alice Evensen,
Nefeli Skarmea, Magaly Tornay, Megan Rooney
Choreography: Nefeli Skarmea
Costume design: Alice Evensen
  Piggy Piggy, Croy Nielsen, Berlin 2016  
  A long wave goodbye, Grand Gestures, Freymond-Guth Fine Arts, Basel, 2016  
  Doggy breath, finger deaf, mute, winking. A wink she could only do with the right eye. Basic Instincts, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2015  
  Tilia Americana (Video Still), Opening Times, Digital Commission, 2015  
  Stephanie in Rio, Natural Instincts, Les Urbaines, Lausanne, Switzerland 2015  
  Last Days. Last Days. Last Days. Saturday's Live, Serpentine Gallery, London, 2015  
  Okie dog on Santa Monica, Almanac Inn, Turin, 2015